Our Courses

How to Invest in the Stock Market

Learning to invest in the Stock Market using the Internet

This course teaches you everything you need to start investing in the Stock Market so that you can make money through different financial instruments such as Stocks, Penny Stocks, ETFs and Options.

How to Invest in Options

Investing in Stock Options using Advanced Strategies

When investing in the Stock Market, Options are one of the most profitable financial instruments. In this course you will learn the best strategies for making money with them.

Recommended Material

Penny Stock Conspiracy

Trading Penny Stocks like a Pro!

If you think about trading Penny Stocks, Timothy Sykes’ Penny Stock Conspiracy is exactly what you have been waiting for. Timothy Sykes is a self-made millionaire by age 21 who turned $12,415 into nearly $3.3 million in six years—all by trading Penny Stocks.

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