Buying and Selling Stocks with the Cell Phone

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and in this development, cell phones and mobile devices cover a wide spectrum. Day by day, Smartphones do not stop adding new features and applications to their repertoire. Years ago it had been crazy to imagine the possibility of buying and selling stocks using our own cell phone, however, today most brokers provide applications that allow us to trade using Smartphones. Undoubtedly, with the development of the Internet and technology, the possibilities of investing in the Stock Market are becoming bigger.

Although it is true that many of the tasks performed by the investor from his personal computer cannot be compared with its implementation from a Smartphone, this does not mean that trading using our mobile device cannot be useful. How often we have been in situations where we did not have Internet access and we needed to enter a buy or sell order. Those situations may be very common when we invest in the Stock Market and we do simultaneously any other activity that requires us to be moving. In that case, a Smartphone can be our solution.

The tasks that can be accomplished by using the mobile applications provided by brokers are increasingly complex: from the possibility of following the quotes of the different securities in real time, to the execution of the more complex operations. In fact, by accessing our account we can control the open positions, manage alerts, see stock charts, follow the news of a company and enter buy and sell orders for stocks and options. The types of orders we can use to place the trades include the specifications Limit, Market, Stop Market and Stop Limit. In the case of trading options, we can even place different trading strategies.

Smartphones have become a very useful tool for those who invest in the Stock Market. So, the next time you do not have a laptop computer or Internet access, do not despair, the cell phone will come to your aid.

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